Zero Food Waste & Community Gardens

May 30, 2017

In this short discussion the topics are zero food waste and community chicken coops. Almost anyone with a few chickens can change the world around them. Visit our website for TONS of information on the proper way to raise organic chickens almost anywhere. www.bluestar-ranch If you own a few chickens in your backyard save the valuable litter from the coops to begin a small community garden and share food with your neighbors or a food pantry in need. Lets take raising chickens to a whole new level and help ourselves and our planet by practicing zero food waste and helping to start a community chicken coop in your neighborhood.


The first, original and only podcast show about raising poultry and discussions with top industry leaders in poultry field, agriculture, science and genetics of poultry breeding programs. There is nothing about chickens that we will leave out. We bring to you today the NEW podcast “Eggsperts Podcast” program. This is a podcast show folks that really is about everything chicken.