Community Coops And Zero Waste Food

May 30, 2017

Community Coops 


Blue Star Ranch supports the idea that everyone that can begin their own zero food waste program. When you and your neighborhood begins to save the food scraps from other homes and local restaurants you become part of a much larger picture. Take this unwanted food and feed the chickens in your new neighborhood chicken coop. This will save literally TONS of food going into landfills. In turn this food is fed to chickens that are being grown by your community group. (church, boy scouts, civic clubs....)


Community Coops

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Community coops are just that: your community. You raise the chickens the way that you feel is best. Most home grown chickens are much happier in smaller back yard coops as opposed to giant corporations that stuff them into crowded cages. Your chickens will be treated much more humanely than at a giant facility where they live short and abused lives.
Not having to ship in as many eggs to stores will also reduce traffic, and carbon emissions as well. Help the world by thinking and buying locally produced organic eggs.