Your Pet Dog & Chickens Training

June 16, 2017 Here is a FREE Podcast to share about dogs and chickens. Each week as a chicken grower I replace hens that have been killed or injured by someones pet dog.  There are ways to avoid this heartache. In this program learn how to get started with raising a small puppy and how to introduce your dog to your chickens.




The Healthy Coop

June 2, 2017

A Healthy Coop


IMPORTANT: Most people clean their coop the WRONG WAY, This can harm your chickens or make them seriously ill. Blue Star Ranch uses tried and proven commercial methods to reduce dander, dust and waste while cleaning our coops... using a rake to remove bedding and replace with fresh bedding is the WORST thing you can do!  Unless you use a garden hose to dampen the coop first.


It’s best to NOT clean your coop totally more than once every six months for adult chickens to keep a proper balance of bacteria for older established poultry. (EXCEPT UNDER THE ROOSTS OR DIRTY AREAS- THESE AREAS SHOULD BE CLEANED REGULARLY))

IMPORTANT However, if you are moving young chickens from one pen to the other and changing to new pens, for all ages poultry be sure to remove all chickens to another location (so that they won't be around any dust) and remove ALL loose bedding, damp bedding and let coop dry out.




Community Coops And Zero Waste Food

May 30, 2017

Community Coops 


Blue Star Ranch supports the idea that everyone that can begin their own zero food waste program. When you and your neighborhood begins to save the food scraps from other homes and local restaurants you become part of a much larger picture. Take this unwanted food and feed the chickens in your new neighborhood chicken coop. This will save literally TONS of food going into landfills. In turn this food is fed to chickens that are being grown by your community group. (church, boy scouts, civic clubs....)


Community Coops

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Community coops are just that: your community. You raise the chickens the way that you feel is best. Most home grown chickens are much happier in smaller back yard coops as opposed to giant corporations that stuff them into crowded cages. Your chickens will be treated much more humanely than at a giant facility where they live short and abused lives.
Not having to ship in as many eggs to stores will also reduce traffic, and carbon emissions as well. Help the world by thinking and buying locally produced organic eggs.



Establishing Your Coop “Eggspert” Podcast

May 26, 2017

This podcast is what you need to hear when you are getting started with chickens and want to build your coop right the 1st time. Also discussed on the show is what is the best location for your coop. Should you have a mobile coop  a stationary coop and should you buy a coop or build it from "scratch?"  And even what you need to know about predator proofing the coop. Joint this free show. Download and share with your friends on Facebook and other social media.